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Written By Samantha D Baron on Monday, September 17, 2012 | 12:00 PM

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Launcher 7 - Dote v1.1.14.7 ╫ : Varies with Andro device ╫ Overview: Ad-free version of Launcher 7. ╫ ╫ Ad-free version of Launcher 7.G+ page https://plus.google.com/113192992285762862111 ╫ Wphone 7 lookalike launcher, almost like real th and some wa even better! ╫ Features: ╫ - 1x1, 2x1 and 1x2 tiles with configurable colors ╫ - Widgets a tile! (provid that widget fits) ╫ - Almost real like tile animation ╫ - Almost real like tile re-arrange mode ╫ - Almost real like status bar ╫ - Animat contacts tile (supports G+ sync contacts) ╫ - Pble contact-tile which animates like real phone ╫ - Folder tiles ╫ - bpage tiles ╫ - Picture hub (use with re, it needs memory!!!!) ╫ - Filterable lition list ╫ - Stock wp7-like colors and color selection ╫ FAQ: ╫ - ICS may suffer from laggess :( It is ICS hardware deceleration and way L7 draws bitmaps that is us it. ╫ - Real view widget tiles may use jerky scroll, framework is perm garbage ion at most convenient time, re is currently no known cure.. I haven't yet given up hope fd one though ╫ - PICTURE HUB NEEDS A LOT OF MEMORY! IF YOU ENCOUNTER PROBLEMS, STOP US TILE - RE IS NO WAY TO MAKE MEMORY FOOTPRT SMALLER, OR CREASE MEMORY ON DEVICE ╫ - itial setup may be broken depend on phone manufacturer, you probably need to replace tiles ╫ - To add new lition to ma screen, long press on an lition lition drar and select "p to home screen" ╫ - Filter s n be restor from launcher setngs fiter s page ╫ - Tiles n be made transparent by adjust alpha value from horizontal bar on color selector ╫ - All bitmaps must fit side 48 megabyte heap (high-end phones, lor-end phones even less than that), so don't try to use too many 25 megabyte bitmaps on tiles or you will see FC. ╫ - Gmail tile will not work anymore, use Mail tile stead ╫ - By default WP7 statusbar shows icons if you touch it. You n adjust functiolity from statusbar options ╫ - "Smaller tiles" will make 1x1 tile to 172x172 pixels HDPI resolion. I mag to measure tiles wrong when I start develop L7 and tiles have been too big ever sce. 172x172 tiles seem to be faster too, so I suggest you to try m! ╫ TODO-list: ╫ - folder of contacts tile ╫ - revamp lition icon addition (allow t color selection etc) ╫ - tegration (Twitter, Facebook etc.) ╫ - two-sid tiles ╫ - cropp tool to make custom bitmap selection easier ╫ Wha t version: ╫ T update should be deliver ICS and JB devices . ╫ - Several 4.x fixes all around L7 ╫ - Brand new tile add and modifition dialogs ╫ - 16/09: READ_L_LOG permission add beuse JellyBean requires it ╫ May still have some issues, b is generally lot better 4.x than so I decid to do release. ╫ Update older devices will come, you have not been gotten. ╫ More fo ╫


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