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Written By Samantha D Baron on Monday, October 8, 2012 | 12:00 PM

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XemJqlyMUoy64-dii2xLGS7BsSRy7bwShiV.jpg ╫ Description ╫ Battle evil puppets with asome apons t crazy 3d FPS shooter !★★★ EPIC WAR OF MAN VS PUPPETS CONNUES!!! ★★★ Episode 2 features loads of new content: New BIGGER MAPS! 10 new APONS like FLAME THROR & SNIPER RIFLE! New PUPPETS like VAMPIRE and SOLDIER Puppets! BOSS fights! and more! ╫ * Currently available PorVR SGX530/540 GPU bas Andro devices. Please download Puppet War:FPS Episode 1 free to check if works on device.(If it works ok n episode 2 will work as ll). ╫ * "Google Play Bill Service" permission is us optiol IAP cos. ╫ *Does not work properly on Motorola Dro Bionic device. ╫ Battle evil puppets with asome apons t totally crazy, action pack, 3d FPS shooter ! Blow ir heads off,chop m up or burn m with flame thror to VE HUMAN KD FROM PUPPET WORLD DOMATION! ╫ Puppet War: EPISODE 2 - CONQUER STUDIO puppets espe sets and vade realistic studio environments. Will our heroic janitor be able to stop ir evil plan? He will encounter harder enemies on bigger maps and have to face worst fear! Smiley EVIL BOSS CLOWN! ╫ ★ Puppet War - one of most challeng and hilarious FPS experience on iPhone is now on Andro! ★ ╫ ----------------------- ╫ Press Reviews: ╫ ----------------------- ╫ Touch Arde - "...you'll not be laugh loud frequently b you'll really be test FPS skills as ll....re's actually a really great under t graphi coat." ╫ CNET - " Puppet War:FPS offers a deliciously clever twist on FPS genre" ╫ Sunday Times List - " Puppet War is one of most eftlessly enjoyable first-person shooters Store " ╫ "If you want a sol FPS that adds a unique idea to genre and has some killer artwork, look no furr than Puppet War:FPS!" – MODO. ╫ *** Check review section on our site more detail reviews. ╫ ----------------------- ╫ Ab : ╫ ----------------------- ╫ Puppet War is a 3d FPS (First ‘Puppet’ Shooter) which you play a janitor stuck a colorful TV kids-show studio with hordes of evil cuddly puppets try to kill you! ╫ Luckily you, re are lots of extremely asome apons at dispol to defend self. ╫ n you survive waves of crazy puppets try to eat you up like a delicious cookie?? ╫ To stay alive you will have to earn money to buy stronger apons and reach harder levels to unlock even more porful ones. ╫ ----------------------- ╫ features: ╫ ----------------------- ╫ ★ REALISTIC AND UNIQUE APONS to unlock and UPGRADE like: ╫ Flame Thror, Sniper Rifle with scope ability, Laser Gun, AK47, Box Gloves, Double Uzis and more. ╫ ★ VARIOUS STUDIO MAPS! ╫ Battle puppets realistic studio's Lobby, Corridors and sry Park Garage. ╫ ★ MANY PUPPET ENEMIES WITH DIFFERENT ABILITIES! ╫ Fight New VAMPIRE & SOLDIER puppets,Explod Karng puppet,Dippear Magician and more. ╫ ★ BOSS FIGHTS! Fight Smiley ne evil clown and Fluffy brors. ╫ ★ Cool SPECIAL PERKS to aid you battle like visible pe, Atomic nose blor & Dymite ke. ╫ ★ SURVIVAL MODE + SRY SURVIVAL ZOMBIE MODE. ╫ ★ IMPRESSIVE 3D GRAPHICS, HIGHLY DETAIL APONS AND FREE ROAM LEVELS. ╫ ★ FUNNY PLAY WITH RICH ANIMATIONS AND SOUNDS. ╫ ★ 3 DIFFICULTY CHOICES PLAYERS OF ALL LEVELS. Challeng hard core fps players and easy new comers. ╫ ★ CENTER LEADERBOARDS AND ACHIEVEMENTS. ╫ ★ SLICK AND EASY TO USE CONTROLS. ╫ ★ ENDLESS LEVELS WITH RIS DIFFICULTY provide hours of play fun! ╫ ----------------------- ╫ screenshots: ╫ ua4bnFtWcvRerNNiUwMEoKSXhr9ydLOAL78.jpgDdnOxoUCWWQAXfIy0ZLb1MGATGLvKfgGtvH.jpgztoEbTSDLOuhHaSMTmpIhhooCkp8M2cvOby.jpgdwIqg8wwN3b1mJ55Pei-QY-Yvd2z0psrI43.jpgRwyR7pMT1svaJrR3CyKBMbYpP5hEI_Vro.jpg ╫ Download Lk: ╫


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