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Pointdroidapps.blogspot.com |NFL Pro 2013 v1.1.8

Written By Unknown on Monday, October 8, 2012 | 9:00 PM

╫ Football is back on smartphone! free-to-play football simulation is now even richer, more immersive and more realistic. ╫ BETTER, FASTER, STRONGER ╫ official NFL license allows you to choose favorite team among any of 32 frances. ╫ Enjoy revamp graphics as ll as smoor animations an even more realistic football experience. ╫ IT’S LIKE YOU’RE ON FIELD ╫ Enjoy an exclusive first-person mera to get completely immers action. Thk you have what it takes to make right choice at right time? ╫ TAKE RE OF TEAM ╫ Discover a new magement stem that allows you to control every aspect of team. ╫ Hire players, upgrade stadium to crease come, and practice favorite pla to optimize team’s permance. ╫ You n also edit own pla thanks to Playbook Editor. ╫ FOOTBALL WAY YOU LOVE IT ╫ Thanks to motion-pture technology, you’ll enjoy revamp graphics and an even more realistic representation of football as ll as smoor animations players when runn, tackl, celebrat, and more. ╫ Requir Andro O/S : 2.3+ ╫

https://play.google.com/store/s/d...ANMP.GloftF3HM ╫ releas by chathu_ac ╫ apk: http://directmirror.com/files/5JAPXV29 ╫ sd files: http://directmirror.com/files/J9KOTA7M ╫ stall APK ╫ Copy 'com.loft.andro.ANMP.GloftF3HM' folder to '/sdrd/andro/obb/' ╫ Launch .

Pointdroidapps.blogspot.com |INDESTRUCTIBLE v1.0.2

DESTRUCTIBLE v1.0.2 ╫ : 2.1 and up ╫ Overview: Blow some %^&* up t fully 3D, onle mulplayer action ! ╫ Grab wheel, load up guns, hit road and leave mangl wrecks of victories dust as you battle to become best excit vehicular combat destructible! ╫ ╫ Are you sick of all those bor, repetive farm s? n blow some %^&* up t fully 3D, onle mulplayer action ! ╫ Featur: ╫ 4-PLAYER REAL-TIME MULPLAYER ACTION ╫ clud three unique mulplayer modes: pture Flag, Death Match and Recover Charge ╫ STUNN HIGH-QUALITY GRAPHICS ╫ Advanc visual effects design latest devices! ╫ TONS OF UNIQUE ITEMS ╫ Customize you vehicles with rocket launchers, laser guns, ao-nnons and more! ╫ THREE ARES ╫ All set a gritty post-apoyptic world. Battle with latest vehicle creations! ╫ ADVANC PHICS ENGE ╫ Ebl asome stunts such as flips and por-slides! ╫ 've work hard to you some of best graphics available on Andro, comb with thrill -play of 4-player mulplayer action - all FREE. 're constantly striv to make destructible best mulplayer on market, so really value feedback. ╫ destructible is free to play, b you n choose to pay real money some extra items. ╫ Use of t lition is govern by Glu Mobile’s Terms of Use. ion and use of persol data are subject to Glu Mobile’s Privacy Policy. Both policies are available at http://www.glu.com. Additiol terms may also ly. ╫ Wha New ╫ Wha t version: ╫ play optimizations ╫ T has banner adversements ╫ /> ╫ https://play.google.com/store/s/d...destructibleDownload structions APK:http://ul.to/x0polkt6http://turbobit.net/hcjsoxtjv1jn.htmlhttp://extabit.com/file/279w8h5zswght ╫ sdrd/Andro/obb: ╫ http://upload.net/file/j9d0hjeghttp://turbobit.net/0172fqbe49rk.htmlhttp://depositfiles.com/files/3unuzslvnhttp://extabit.com/file/279w8h5zswgf5

Pointdroidapps.blogspot.com |Cowboy vs. Ninjas vs. Aliens v1.01

Cowboy vs. Njas vs. Aliens v1.01 ╫ : Andro 2.1+ ╫ Overview: ★ TW-STICK SHOOTER ╫ Download t excit tw-stick shooter: 15 upgradeable apons, 8 enemies and unique scerios! ╫ ★ CHUCK ST ╫ Njas and Aliens are tak over Wild st! Now, lonely gunfighter known as Chuck st is last hope to defeat m. ╫ ╫ Help fearless cowboy mission to wipe t crazy vasion. ╫ If you thk you're badass enough, try abilities Survival mode. ╫ ★ FEATURES ╫ - Survival and mpaign Mode ╫ - Choose beten ao and manual aim ╫ - A variety of explosives t excit Tw-stick shooter ╫ - Get new hats to be trendy ╫ - Discover porfull special alien apons ╫ - Use different mounts to be faster and stronger ╫ - Earn rewards keep towns free from njas and aliens ╫ - Over 15 upgradeable apons ╫ - Massive waves of telligent enemies ╫ - Special Bonus Stage ╫ - Three levels of difficulty ╫ T has no adversements ╫ /> ╫ https://play.google.com/store/s/d...oom.gpn.cowboyDownload structions:http://upload.net/file/il913h95http://turbobit.net/0z4aj77osq.htmlhttp://depositfiles.com/files/sqv75viit

Pointdroidapps.blogspot.com |EveryCircuit v1.15

Requirement:andro 1.6 and up ╫ ╫ Description ╫ Design and simulate electronic circuits! ╫ All jok aside, t time you will understand how electronic circuits work. ╫ "I stumbl upon some serious gold" - GeekBeat.tv ╫ "A fully realiz circuit simulator" - EDA360 sider ╫ Build any circuit, tap play bton, and watch dymic voltage, current, and charge animations. T gives you sight to circuit operation like no equation does. While simulation is runn, adjust circuit parameters with alog ****, and circuit responds to actions real time. You n even generate an arbitrary p sigl with fer! ╫ Tha teractivity and novation you n't fd best SPICE tools PC like Mulsim, LTspice, Ord or PSpice (trademarks belong to ir respective owners). ╫ EveryCircuit is not just an eye ndy. Under hood it packs custom-built simulation enge optimiz teractive mobile use, serious numeri methods, and realistic device models. short, Ohm's law, Kirchhoff's current and voltage laws, nonlear semiconductor device equations, and all good stuff is re. ╫ Grow library of components gives you freedom to design any alog or digital circuit from a simple voltage divider to transistor-level masterpiece. ╫ Schematic editor features aomatic wire r, and mimalistic user terface. No nonsense, less t, more productivity. ╫ Simplicity, novation, and por, comb with mobility, make EveryCircuit a must-have companion high school science and phics students, electri engeer college students, breadboard and prt circuit board (PCB) enthusiasts, and ham radio hobbyists. ╫ Free version has limit ndbox area, b it n still impress you. If you need a larger playground, a full version is available. full version will employ all of imagation, and all screen area of tablet. ╫ Thanks to Prof. N. Maghari techni discussions, feedback, and help with design circuit examples. ╫ Features: ╫ + Animations of voltage wavems and current flows ╫ + Animations of pacitor charges ╫ + Alog control **** adjusts circuit parameters ╫ + Aomatic wire r ╫ + Oscilloscope ╫ + Seamless DC and transient simulation ╫ + Sle play/pause bton controls simulation ╫ + v and load of circuit schematic ╫ + Mobile simulation enge built from ground-up ╫ + Shake phone to kick-start oscillators ╫ + tuitive user terface ╫ + No Ads ╫ Components: ╫ + Sources, sigl generators ╫ + Controll sources (VCVS, VCCS) ╫ + Resistors, pacitors, ductors, transmers ╫ + Potenometer, lamp ╫ + Switches, SPST, SPDT ╫ + Diodes, Zener diodes, light emitng diodes (L) ╫ + MOS transistors (MOSFET) ╫ + Bipolar junction transistors (BJT) ╫ + Ideal operatiol amplifier (opamp) ╫ + Digital logic gates, AND, OR, NOT, ND, NOR, XOR, XNOR ╫ Next: ╫ + More components ╫ + Zoom ╫ + Display of current wavems ╫ If you like it, please rate, review, and buy! ╫ Wha t version: ╫ Undo / Redo ╫ v of oscilloscope and **** state ╫ Extend range MOSFET threshold voltage ╫ Fix rare crash on startup ╫ User terface enhancements ╫ play store: ╫

https://play.google.com/store/s/d...m.everycircuit ╫ download:http://ul.to/ahbasvd1http://rapidgator.net/file/49416011/EC_v1.15.apk.html

Pointdroidapps.blogspot.com |Photaf Panorama Pro v3.2.2

[QUOTE=DragoN HearT;3880711]Photaf Panorama Pro v3.1.7 ╫ : Andro version 2.1 and higher ╫ Overview: Photaf - best Andro creat panoramas ╫ ╫ Create beaiful, seamless panoramic photos easily by iliz mera and orientation sensor to know exact angle each picture was taken. ╫ When done, you n move phone around to see complete panoramic view by us phone's compass or touch screen. ╫ View Photaf's onle panoramas gallery and get tips tak better panoramas at http://www.photaf.com bsite. ╫ Features: ╫ ● Facebook Share - Share panoramas with friends! ╫ ● Upload to Photaf.com bsite and view it from comper! ╫ ● Aomatic Image Stitch ╫ ● Pch to Zoom ╫ ● Move to SD ╫ ● Set as Live wallpaper (Pro version) ╫ ● HD Mode (Pro Version) ╫ ● Use mera portrait mode (Pro Version) ╫ ● Export to gallery folder ╫ ● Optimiz Honeycomb - Works on Motorola Xoom, Asus Transmer, msung Galaxy Tab 10.1, and all or Honeycomb tablets ╫ Please read troubleshoot section bellow as it may help with common problems. ╫ Common issues and troubleshoot: ╫ ● nnot take next picture \ Sensor accurately follows movement ╫ T is a compass ibration problem, go to Photaf picture tak mode and bee tak first picture, wave phone a figure 8 pattern to reset magnetometer device. ╫ ● nnot create file, make sure to use a val file me ╫ Usually, t is a file creation error, due to SD rd eir not available, full or corrupt. ╫ T error n also popup when specified me already exists. ╫ Try follow: ╫ - Use a different unique me ╫ - Make sure SD rd is not mount to PC via USB ╫ - Make sure you have enough space on SD rd ╫ - Move some unus files from SD to comper, somemes too many files on SD n use problems too ╫ - Reboot device ╫ ● Colors on Motorola defy are wrong ╫ Use defy hack option, under setngs. n, restitch panorama. ╫ Photaf Panorama is best mak panoramas from Andro device. ╫ 3.2.2 ╫ ----- ╫ - Fix shter sound me bug ╫ - Remov rate dialog ╫ play store: ╫

https://play.google.com/store/s/d...obg1.PhotafPro ╫ download:http://rapidgator.net/file/49416842/PPP_v3.2.2.apk.htmlhttp://ul.to/iyu4r5vy

Pointdroidapps.blogspot.com |ICS+ Launcher v1.7.0.0 (Unlocked)

ICS+ Launcher v1.7.0.0 (Unlock) ╫ : Andro v2.1+ ╫ Overview: Ice Cream ndwich Launcher is a home replacement design to give you look and feel of nest Andro update by Google, Andro 4.0. ╫ ╫ Ice Cream ndwich Launcher is a home replacement design to give you look and feel of nest Andro update by Google, Andro 4.0 ╫ Features: ╫ ★ Clones Ice Cream ndwich 4.0.4 ╫ ★ -Launcher status bar with ICS me ╫ ★ Smooth and sppy on proper devices (ask help) ╫ ★ Drag and drop cross-hairs (Garden Cross-hairs) ╫ ★ Home screen gestures ╫ ★ Ao che dump ╫ ★ Tons of setngs and features ╫ ★ Official ICS 4.0 widget resiz, screen ditor, search bar, alog clock, and wallpapers (or create own). ╫ ★ Hide labels on desktop and drar ╫ ★ Supports all static and live wallpapers ╫ ★ Scrollable and re-sizable widgets ╫ ★ And so much more! ╫ What is plann fure updates? ╫ ★ More transitions ╫ ★ More widgets ╫ ★ More status bar icons ╫ Quick Tips and Help: ╫ ★ICS Launcher is design to replace Stock Launcher. It n be undone by go to setngs > litions > mage > ICS Launcher > Clear Defaults. ╫ ★Click "menu" hardware key to access Stem and Launcher setngs ╫ ★Long-click on any desktop screen to add icons, widgets, and wallpapers ╫ ★Swipe up on any home screen to hide notifition bar. Swipe down to it back. ╫ ★T Launcher may not run properly on all devices such as relatively anquat or low-end phones! ╫ ★If you are experienc ce Close errors, try clear che by press menu hardware key on home screen, select "mage s", and open "ICS 4.0 Launcher" under "All" tab. Altertively, you n unstall and re-stall 12/20 update from market. ╫ ★ support, be sure to send us an email as nnot respond to dividual comments on market! ╫ Important mation: ╫ Avast reporng as malware?! No i defitely not malware, it is AdNetwork SDK which has been cerfied by Verisign and fully rov by Google. Avast and a few or dat snners will mark t as a potenal risk beuse of requir permissions. Don't be fool, use a snner with legitimate idenfiers like Look Security or AVG. Read our privacy policy or contact us more fo. ╫ n why are re so many permissions? ll, most are requir drar and home screen controls. ors are necesry our AdNetwork's SDK and are expla more detail here - ╫

http://www.start.com/permissions/ ╫ . All permissions add are completely harmless and at no pot do or store any persol mation! Our user's privacy is a top priority, b please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or concerns. ╫ T will provide a few useful shortcs on device m of a search bookmark lk and home screen icon. T gives us a few cents each time is download first time and will help us a lot develop more s. If you do not want to use se new tools, you n simply ignore or delete m by dragg icon to trashn and no harm is done (our remas me, no need to unstall it). Thank you! ╫ If you have any questions or comments, please visit our bsite or send us an email and will get back to you as soon as possible. ╫ Note to Dedit Users and Fans: ╫ To those of you that have been supporng Syndite s and us our launchers and mes last year, you may have notic that some of m haven’t been updat a couple months. reciate dedition and feedback more than n be express writ and are extremely sorry wait, b t is beuse have spent last 6 months straight develop a new launcher that will be most advanc and customizable on market when are ready to launch. s have releas meanme are to make sure dividual features and add-ons work bee tegrat m to beta project (and specific styles those features at that). So don’t despair beuse real th will be soon and completely change way you look at phone or tablet. Stay tun and check our site updates! ╫ Recent changes: ╫ - -Launcher Status bar ╫ - Full Customization ╫ - Garden Crosshairs ╫ - Official Clock ╫ - Official screen ditor ╫ - Revamp Search Bar ╫ - Revamp screen slide & bounce ╫ - Dock bar fix (Icon getng stuck) ╫ - Drar Advancement ╫ - Preparation next update ╫ - bServer tegration ╫ - Transitions through ╫ - New menus and vigations ╫ Less description » ╫ Latest version: () ╫ Note: all plus features ebl. remove old version bee stall. ╫ T has NO adversements ╫ /> ╫

https://play.google.com/store/s/d...tes.ICSv2Download structions:http://extabit.com/file/28crp5l6jpibchttp://ul.to/r1z8u1p4http://turbobit.net/znpw8vdr5x5z.htmlhttp://mir.cr/RGARL4

Pointdroidapps.blogspot.com |Root [Android] Racing Game - Speed Carl Free v1.0.0

╫ Description ╫ SpeedrII is second geration of Speedr(over 20000000 downloads all around world). With more real 3d scene more real road and more real phi effect. ╫ **Just swap phone to control r direction ╫ **Tap screen to accelerate r ╫ t you just try best to rac furr and w honour value to unlock rs. re is five r available now. ╫ Screenshots: ╫ [IMG] ╫ http://i1229.photobucket.com/albums/ee461/shourovfoil/TzeCPVHzP3QpmN85lsoDH8WiW5fB4iaRPOf.jpg[/IMG][IMG] ╫ http://i1229.photobucket.com/albums/ee461/shourovfoil/V22J9fFR2Y89LFbyH9hBHiT0mOHc888DrfI.jpg[/IMG][IMG] ╫ http://i1229.photobucket.com/albums/ee461/shourovfoil/kZ2gC_jmK5R_qlkXE8B4rs3iqurztzPrt0p.jpg[/IMG] ╫ Download Lk: ╫


Pointdroidapps.blogspot.com |Ferrari GT 3: World Track v1.1.1 [ GameLoft Store]

Ferrari GT 3: World Track v1.1.1 ╫ : 2.1+ ╫ Overview: acclaim and stand Ferrari GT series is back on mobile device. Buy and drive 57 ahenc Ferrari models clud 250 Testa Ros, Ferrari FF and Aperta. ╫ ╫ Race through 10 lotions around world like Sydney, Hong Kong and Ferrari Fiorano test track and enjoy dozens of thrill challenges. Avo obstacles, overcome competors, perm amaz drifts and more! ╫ Play dream. Drive a Ferrari. ╫ acclaim and stand rac france is back with best of series! ╫ Buy and drive up to 57 ahenc Ferrari models clud FF and 250 Testa Ros. ╫ Race 10 lotions around world clud Fiorano test track, Miami and Hong Kong. ╫ Complete tons of challenges: Avo obstacles, overcome opponents, perm amaz drifts & more! ╫ Discover Pranc Horse legacy with tips and fo directly from Ferrari Encyclopedia. ╫

T lk is not allod : ★ 3.e {mochyn} ╫ http://www.directmirror.com/files/B7ZDXCER

Pointdroidapps.blogspot.com |Root [Android] Puppet War: FPS ep.2 v2.0.2- Arcade & Action

XemJqlyMUoy64-dii2xLGS7BsSRy7bwShiV.jpg ╫ Description ╫ Battle evil puppets with asome apons t crazy 3d FPS shooter !★★★ EPIC WAR OF MAN VS PUPPETS CONNUES!!! ★★★ Episode 2 features loads of new content: New BIGGER MAPS! 10 new APONS like FLAME THROR & SNIPER RIFLE! New PUPPETS like VAMPIRE and SOLDIER Puppets! BOSS fights! and more! ╫ * Currently available PorVR SGX530/540 GPU bas Andro devices. Please download Puppet War:FPS Episode 1 free to check if works on device.(If it works ok n episode 2 will work as ll). ╫ * "Google Play Bill Service" permission is us optiol IAP cos. ╫ *Does not work properly on Motorola Dro Bionic device. ╫ Battle evil puppets with asome apons t totally crazy, action pack, 3d FPS shooter ! Blow ir heads off,chop m up or burn m with flame thror to VE HUMAN KD FROM PUPPET WORLD DOMATION! ╫ Puppet War: EPISODE 2 - CONQUER STUDIO puppets espe sets and vade realistic studio environments. Will our heroic janitor be able to stop ir evil plan? He will encounter harder enemies on bigger maps and have to face worst fear! Smiley EVIL BOSS CLOWN! ╫ ★ Puppet War - one of most challeng and hilarious FPS experience on iPhone is now on Andro! ★ ╫ ----------------------- ╫ Press Reviews: ╫ ----------------------- ╫ Touch Arde - "...you'll not be laugh loud frequently b you'll really be test FPS skills as ll....re's actually a really great under t graphi coat." ╫ CNET - " Puppet War:FPS offers a deliciously clever twist on FPS genre" ╫ Sunday Times List - " Puppet War is one of most eftlessly enjoyable first-person shooters Store " ╫ "If you want a sol FPS that adds a unique idea to genre and has some killer artwork, look no furr than Puppet War:FPS!" – MODO. ╫ *** Check review section on our site more detail reviews. ╫ ----------------------- ╫ Ab : ╫ ----------------------- ╫ Puppet War is a 3d FPS (First ‘Puppet’ Shooter) which you play a janitor stuck a colorful TV kids-show studio with hordes of evil cuddly puppets try to kill you! ╫ Luckily you, re are lots of extremely asome apons at dispol to defend self. ╫ n you survive waves of crazy puppets try to eat you up like a delicious cookie?? ╫ To stay alive you will have to earn money to buy stronger apons and reach harder levels to unlock even more porful ones. ╫ ----------------------- ╫ features: ╫ ----------------------- ╫ ★ REALISTIC AND UNIQUE APONS to unlock and UPGRADE like: ╫ Flame Thror, Sniper Rifle with scope ability, Laser Gun, AK47, Box Gloves, Double Uzis and more. ╫ ★ VARIOUS STUDIO MAPS! ╫ Battle puppets realistic studio's Lobby, Corridors and sry Park Garage. ╫ ★ MANY PUPPET ENEMIES WITH DIFFERENT ABILITIES! ╫ Fight New VAMPIRE & SOLDIER puppets,Explod Karng puppet,Dippear Magician and more. ╫ ★ BOSS FIGHTS! Fight Smiley ne evil clown and Fluffy brors. ╫ ★ Cool SPECIAL PERKS to aid you battle like visible pe, Atomic nose blor & Dymite ke. ╫ ★ SURVIVAL MODE + SRY SURVIVAL ZOMBIE MODE. ╫ ★ IMPRESSIVE 3D GRAPHICS, HIGHLY DETAIL APONS AND FREE ROAM LEVELS. ╫ ★ FUNNY PLAY WITH RICH ANIMATIONS AND SOUNDS. ╫ ★ 3 DIFFICULTY CHOICES PLAYERS OF ALL LEVELS. Challeng hard core fps players and easy new comers. ╫ ★ CENTER LEADERBOARDS AND ACHIEVEMENTS. ╫ ★ SLICK AND EASY TO USE CONTROLS. ╫ ★ ENDLESS LEVELS WITH RIS DIFFICULTY provide hours of play fun! ╫ ----------------------- ╫ screenshots: ╫ ua4bnFtWcvRerNNiUwMEoKSXhr9ydLOAL78.jpgDdnOxoUCWWQAXfIy0ZLb1MGATGLvKfgGtvH.jpgztoEbTSDLOuhHaSMTmpIhhooCkp8M2cvOby.jpgdwIqg8wwN3b1mJ55Pei-QY-Yvd2z0psrI43.jpgRwyR7pMT1svaJrR3CyKBMbYpP5hEI_Vro.jpg ╫ Download Lk: ╫


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Pointdroidapps.blogspot.com |iBlast Moki 2 v1.1.4

╫ iBlast Moki is back with all-new puzzles a colorful world of pat and bombs! ╫ t new adventure, Mokis will use help of new play elements such as pat bombs and more crazy contraptions to reach magic spiral. ╫ EXPERIENCE HOURS OF FUN AND DISCOVERY ╫ Explore 90 levels across 6 colorful worlds with more to come. ╫ Each lotion is pack with unique levels, us realistic phics and lots of different items to manipulate such as pat bombs, ropes, ris balloons, rotat wheels ╫ 6 beaiful and unique music tracks ╫ SHARE CREATIONS ╫ Build new levels with advanc phics editor which was us to create enre ╫ imagation is limit to what you n build, many tools such as jots, motors, decoration, stickers and create some beaiful level with crazy contraptions ╫ Share levels onle and enjoy puzzles creat by thounds of players ╫ LEADERBOARD AND ACHIEVEMENTS THROUGH OPENFET ╫ Unlock achievements, see how you stack up on global leaderboards, and play with friends! ╫ DO YOU BLAST MOKI? ╫ Visit our bsite, www.godzilab-s.com, check exist trailers, follow us on Twitter (twitter.com/godzilab) and leave comments on our ums ╫ Wha t version: ╫ Add adaptive framerate feature and improv asset-serv algorithm better permance ╫ Improv stickess of glue bomb glue ╫ Requir Andro O/S : 2.3+ ╫ play: ╫

https://play.google.com/store/s/details?=com.godzilab.ibm2 ╫ Download:http://ul.to/fj2h2zfj ╫ http://rapidgator.net/file/49399898/IBM2_v1.1.4.apk.html

Pointdroidapps.blogspot.com |Last Fish v1.2.0

╫ Description ╫ Eat food, avo goo, espe shadowfish. Survive. ╫ Last Fish is a stylish black and white action ab survival of a ty fish toxic water fill with goo. ╫ FEATURES ╫ * tuitive tilt-bas controls ╫ * Stylish monochromatic graphics ╫ * Atmospheric soundtrack ╫ * Simple and addictive mechanics ╫ * 45 levels and 5 arde stages ╫ * 3 star permance score on each level ╫ * - achievements ╫ PRESS QUOTES ╫ "Last Fish felt poec some wa." - DIYr ╫ "With 15 mes of download I was hook." - Advice ╫ "Last Fish is proof that s n be arstic, and more importantly that arstic s n be fun." - TouchMys ╫ MECHANICS ╫ Tilt device to control fish. Eat food to ga health. Avo touch goo as it decreses health. Complete objectives b beware of shadowfish. ╫ LEVELS ╫ each level you have to complete one of four objectives: survive a specified amount of time; quickly follow a trail of rs; clear checkpots; eat food with ion to reach a specific amount of health. Every level is different, be it food quanty, goo quanty, speed, size, movement patterns, health lost rate, number and speed of shadowfish. All se comb make each level unique. ╫ ARDE ╫ Survive as long as possible. Arde starts with lots of food and some goo, b over time food gets more rare and more goo ears. fish also loses more health as time passes. n ears shadowfish. Survive, unl evitable end... ╫ Wha t version: ╫ Menus use all screen. Fixes long load times on some devices. ╫ Requirement:andro 2.2 and up ╫ play store: ╫

https://play.google.com/store/s/d...phere.lastfish ╫ download:http://ul.to/fj2h2zfjhttp://rapidgator.net/file/49403893/LF_v1.2.0.apk.html

Pointdroidapps.blogspot.com |Private DIARY v4.5

Private DIARY v4.5 ╫ : Andro 1.6+ ╫ Overview: persol life jourl, simple and convenient use. ╫ ╫ persol life jourl, simple and convenient use. ╫ T - Private DIARY will help to you to record life. It will ve all emotions and terests. You n entrust him all secrets. ╫ Features : ╫
  • Write notes ab life
  • Set a password of diary
  • Show entries any range of dates
  • Show entries of select tegory
  • Change earance
  • Change me
  • Backup copy of entries to SD rd
  • Recovery of entries from SD rd
  • Attach photos
  • Add user tegories
  • Send entries by email
  • Change order of entries
  • Copy images to Diary or make lks to phone's gallery
  • Ao backup when exit
  • Search entries
  • Emotions
  • Send all entries to e-mail
Wha t version:(Updat : Oct 7, 2012)
  • Fix a bug with availability of on market users with GPS
╫ DOWNLOAD ╫ http://www.directmirror.com/files/B3FZ34FS

Pointdroidapps.blogspot.com |My Budget Book v3.1

My Budget Book v3.1 ╫ : Andro 2.1+ ╫ Overview: All expenses at a glance! ╫ ╫ All expenses at a glance. ╫ My Budget Book is not a normal household accounts book. ╫ T helps you keep track of you expenditures and earns and mage money more effectively. ╫ Use dividual transfers and stand orders feature to get an idea of expenses over next couple of months and see how much money you have available to spend. also gives you a graphi overview of mation, mak it easier to plan (larger) purchases over up-com months. ╫ all know what it feels like to want to buy someth b not know wher you n afd it. Use My Budget Book to see current balance as ll as how many bills you have to pay bee end of month. ╫ Features: ╫
  • Easy access. No ternet connection requir - No registration!
  • Available 10 languages (At moment moment language is bas on telephone setngs).
  • See t month’s balance when starts up.
  • graphi overview is perfect plann expenses over upcom of months.
  • Customize overview by chang number of past and fure months that are display.
  • Mage more than one account - Record you earns and expenses across all accounts.
  • Visualise statistics as a table or graph and see where money has gone by tegoris all earns and expenses.
  • Filter earns and expenses accord to months, quarters or whole years.
  • Use porful search function to look specific expenses and/or time periods.
  • rry balance over to next month.
  • Mage stand orders so you n plan ahead upcom months.
  • Create templates to make png expenses is even easier.
  • Add furr ma and sub-tegories to get a better overview of expenses
  • Use notepad to monitor important expenses.
  • Protect data by activat password protection.
  • Export data HTML or CSV mat (on an SD rd).
  • Create backups so you never lose data.
  • Import exist data us CSV import function (Just move CSV file to folder "SDrd/My Budget Book" and import it via setngs (Import of or mats will be made available by request).
Wha t version : (Updat : Oct 7, 2012)
  • Tranctions and templates n now be copied via cont menu. ╫
  • Tranctions n now be us as a template via cont menu.
  • ma tegory will be display addition to tranction, if it is a sub-tegory.
  • Various optimizations.
╫ DOWNLOADhttp://www.directmirror.com/files/1HHLZFAC

Pointdroidapps.blogspot.com |One More Clock Widget v1.3.7

One More Clock Widget v1.3.7 ╫ : Andro 1.6+ ╫ Overview: Spruce up homescreen with 60+ fun, expressive clock widgets! ╫ ╫ Spruce up homescreen with 60+ fun, expressive clock widgets! ╫ 60+ dymic clock widgets homescreen, ad free. ╫ Battery - Time - ar! ╫ full version of OMC supports 8 widget sizes: ╫ 4x4, 4x2, 4x1, 3x3, 3x1, 2x2, 2x1 and 1x3. ╫ n be set to launch any via widget click. ╫ All widgets editable on phone and via JSON. ╫ Test to work with WidgetLocker. ╫ Wha t version : (Updat : Oct 7, 2012) ╫
  • Fix showstopper FC Froyo and earlier devices.
  • Improv yr.no accuracy and 7Timer speed through ch and terpolation.
╫ DOWNLOAD ╫ http://www.directmirror.com/files/1LBMPU4X
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