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Written By Samantha D Baron on Saturday, October 6, 2012 | 7:00 AM

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╫ fite Pater v2.0.1 play.google.com.paterfull ╫ T offers a multude of brushes design to replite realistic mediums. It offers a variety of features built to optimize and streamle workflow of arst. It works ll with fite Design, allow user to export ir projects from fite Design to fite Pater with click of a bton. ╫ It has five different types of symmetries you n use (X-Axis, Y-Axis, Arbitrary Angle, Radial, and Kaleidoscopic). It ilizes a smart menu stem and a flu terface, seek to make work flow on go much easier. ╫ vigation is as easy as png two fers on screen and dragg nvas or pch to zoom. ao ve feature also comes handy, aomatily v layers and reload m when you return. You n ve project, and all of layers stay tact. You n also export image with or with background. ╫ Besides se fundamental necessities, fite Pater also offers image imporng four different wa (mera, Gallery, Google Image Search, and current pang itself). After imporng an image, you n translate, re-size, rotate, flip or recolor it to lik. You n have option to eir stamp or rub image onto nvas. fite Pater also provides a dedit blend bton, allow you to switch easily from pang to blend as you artwork to life. ╫ Suggest workflow: I usually like to take advantage of fite Design's limitless nvas creat my design and lay my artwork, n I use fite Design's Export-to-Pater feature to it and start pang on a layer beneath le-art. T roach takes advantage of flexibility offer by fite Design and also complexity offer by fite Pater. ╫ Features: ╫ Add a Blend Wheel. You n now control smudge strength and lighten or darken while blend. ╫ Add a new three-dimensiol tube brush. ╫ Redesign Symmetry dialog to a Symmetry Wheel. ╫ Add double tap to fullscreen pang. Double tap aga to return back to where you re. ╫ Fix many glitches and FC issues some customers re hav. ╫ Wha t version: (Updat : Oct 5, 2012) ╫ You n now export layers as a mul-page TIFF document. T will preserve layers programs like Gimp. ╫ Add 5 new brushes (Sprayer, Rake, Chalk, Graphic Pen, and Fur) ╫ Add a new Brush Creator to create own brushes. ╫ Add buffer to smooth pressure. ╫ Redesign Oil Brush to better represent tural pang. ╫ Requir Andro O/S : 2.1+ ╫ Screenshots : ╫ ╫ Download: Lk1Lk2
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