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Written By Samantha D Baron on Monday, October 8, 2012 | 5:00 PM

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ICS+ Launcher v1.7.0.0 (Unlock) ╫ : Andro v2.1+ ╫ Overview: Ice Cream ndwich Launcher is a home replacement design to give you look and feel of nest Andro update by Google, Andro 4.0. ╫ ╫ Ice Cream ndwich Launcher is a home replacement design to give you look and feel of nest Andro update by Google, Andro 4.0 ╫ Features: ╫ ★ Clones Ice Cream ndwich 4.0.4 ╫ ★ -Launcher status bar with ICS me ╫ ★ Smooth and sppy on proper devices (ask help) ╫ ★ Drag and drop cross-hairs (Garden Cross-hairs) ╫ ★ Home screen gestures ╫ ★ Ao che dump ╫ ★ Tons of setngs and features ╫ ★ Official ICS 4.0 widget resiz, screen ditor, search bar, alog clock, and wallpapers (or create own). ╫ ★ Hide labels on desktop and drar ╫ ★ Supports all static and live wallpapers ╫ ★ Scrollable and re-sizable widgets ╫ ★ And so much more! ╫ What is plann fure updates? ╫ ★ More transitions ╫ ★ More widgets ╫ ★ More status bar icons ╫ Quick Tips and Help: ╫ ★ICS Launcher is design to replace Stock Launcher. It n be undone by go to setngs > litions > mage > ICS Launcher > Clear Defaults. ╫ ★Click "menu" hardware key to access Stem and Launcher setngs ╫ ★Long-click on any desktop screen to add icons, widgets, and wallpapers ╫ ★Swipe up on any home screen to hide notifition bar. Swipe down to it back. ╫ ★T Launcher may not run properly on all devices such as relatively anquat or low-end phones! ╫ ★If you are experienc ce Close errors, try clear che by press menu hardware key on home screen, select "mage s", and open "ICS 4.0 Launcher" under "All" tab. Altertively, you n unstall and re-stall 12/20 update from market. ╫ ★ support, be sure to send us an email as nnot respond to dividual comments on market! ╫ Important mation: ╫ Avast reporng as malware?! No i defitely not malware, it is AdNetwork SDK which has been cerfied by Verisign and fully rov by Google. Avast and a few or dat snners will mark t as a potenal risk beuse of requir permissions. Don't be fool, use a snner with legitimate idenfiers like Look Security or AVG. Read our privacy policy or contact us more fo. ╫ n why are re so many permissions? ll, most are requir drar and home screen controls. ors are necesry our AdNetwork's SDK and are expla more detail here - ╫

http://www.start.com/permissions/ ╫ . All permissions add are completely harmless and at no pot do or store any persol mation! Our user's privacy is a top priority, b please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or concerns. ╫ T will provide a few useful shortcs on device m of a search bookmark lk and home screen icon. T gives us a few cents each time is download first time and will help us a lot develop more s. If you do not want to use se new tools, you n simply ignore or delete m by dragg icon to trashn and no harm is done (our remas me, no need to unstall it). Thank you! ╫ If you have any questions or comments, please visit our bsite or send us an email and will get back to you as soon as possible. ╫ Note to Dedit Users and Fans: ╫ To those of you that have been supporng Syndite s and us our launchers and mes last year, you may have notic that some of m haven’t been updat a couple months. reciate dedition and feedback more than n be express writ and are extremely sorry wait, b t is beuse have spent last 6 months straight develop a new launcher that will be most advanc and customizable on market when are ready to launch. s have releas meanme are to make sure dividual features and add-ons work bee tegrat m to beta project (and specific styles those features at that). So don’t despair beuse real th will be soon and completely change way you look at phone or tablet. Stay tun and check our site updates! ╫ Recent changes: ╫ - -Launcher Status bar ╫ - Full Customization ╫ - Garden Crosshairs ╫ - Official Clock ╫ - Official screen ditor ╫ - Revamp Search Bar ╫ - Revamp screen slide & bounce ╫ - Dock bar fix (Icon getng stuck) ╫ - Drar Advancement ╫ - Preparation next update ╫ - bServer tegration ╫ - Transitions through ╫ - New menus and vigations ╫ Less description » ╫ Latest version: () ╫ Note: all plus features ebl. remove old version bee stall. ╫ T has NO adversements ╫ /> ╫

https://play.google.com/store/s/d...tes.ICSv2Download structions:http://extabit.com/file/28crp5l6jpibchttp://ul.to/r1z8u1p4http://turbobit.net/znpw8vdr5x5z.htmlhttp://mir.cr/RGARL4

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