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Written By Samantha D Baron on Monday, October 8, 2012 | 7:00 AM

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Fram Simplicity me v1.3 ╫ : Andro 1.6 and up ╫ Overview: A mul-launcher me with white icons on a border transparent background. ╫ ╫ 1. QUICK FO ╫ --------------------- ╫ - me works with GO Launcher, ADW Launcher and LauncherPro. ╫ - Folder Organizer or Better C allows icons to be dividually pick and us most launchers. ╫ - Widget sks are clud all LauncherPro widgets (requires LauncerPro Plus). ╫ - me currently contas 282 different icons, a match wallpaper and docks. ╫ - All icons are available both HDPI and XHDPI resolion. T ensures tively crisp HD icons majority of modern phones (HTC Desire, msung Galaxy S / S2 / Nexus etc.). ╫ Check my or mes as ll by press "more by markomega" lk. ╫ If you have any requests icons or like, do not hesitate to contact me. p helps me improve quality of pack. ╫ 2. DESCRIPTION ╫ T is a simple black and white me and icon pack that adds a mimalistic and sleek look to phone. It features a semitransparent design with neral primary colours, which makes it blend with almost any wallpaper you may choose (images, sol colours etc.). ╫ 3. NOTICE (READ T) ╫ When us LauncherPro, docks and dock t icons nnot currently be select directly from me. I have ree clud both docks and dock t icons on my bsite, so y n be download and lied from gallery stead. wallpaper is likewise not aomatily add when us LauncherPro and it is ree also available on my bsite. If you have GO Launcher EX stall simultaneously, wallpaper is available by press MENU > WALLPAPER > GO WALLPAPER. ╫ Notice that some of screenshots are specific to a given launcher type and may differ a bit if you are not us that specific launcher. ╫ Better C is no longer available market, so do not spend time look it re. ╫ A list of all s that pack cludes icons n be found on my bsite. If re is an issue with an icon list, n send me an email and I will fix it. ╫ 5. STALLATION ╫ stallation structions expla how to ly me and/or some of its elements (icons, widget sks etc.). structions or litions than launchers are on my bsite, as characters are limit here. ╫ :: 5.1. LauncherPro (widget sks) ╫ 1) Go to MENU > PREFERENCES > LP WIDGET SETNGS. ╫ 2) Select widget you wish to ly sk to. ╫ 3) Press SELECT SK and select FRAM SIMPLICITY WIDGET SKS. ╫ 4) Press YES to restart launcher. ╫ :: 5.2. LauncherPro (icons) ╫ 1) Go to MENU > PREFERENCES > ME SETNGS > ICON PACK. ╫ 2) Select FRAM SIMPLICITY. ╫ 3) Press YES to restart launcher. ╫ :: 5.3. GO Launcher EX ╫ 1) Go to MENU > MES. ╫ 2) Scroll sidewa if necesry, and select FRAM SIMPLICITY. ╫ 3) Press LY to ly me. ╫ :: 5.4. ADW / ADW EX ╫ 1) Go to MENU > MORE > ADWSETNGS > MES PREFERENCES. ╫ 2) Scroll sidewa if necesry, and select FRAM SIMPLICITY. ╫ 3) Press LY ME to ly me. ╫ 4) MA DOCK drop down, choose CUSTOM > FRAM SIMPLICITY DOCKS and select a dock. ╫ last step is due to an issue with dock landspe mode, which is fix by manually select dock you want. ╫ /> ╫

https://play.google.com/store/s/d...amedsimplicity ╫ Download: ╫ http://ul.to/fwvfdpf3http://rapidgator.net/file/49336812/..._v1.3.apk.htmlhttp://extabit.com/file/2du5ym4qnpvo2http://www.directmirror.com/files/R2DUUDLK

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