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Written By Unknown on Friday, September 7, 2012 | 9:00 PM

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SwiftKey 3 Keyboard v3.0.3.342 ╫ : Andro v2.1+ ╫ Overview: ╫ Unlock typ potenal ╫ ****End of Summer le. Get SwiftKey 75% off**** ╫ * bby Awards People’s Voice Wner novation, 2012 * ╫ * Mobile World Congress Award Wner novation, 2012 * ╫ ╫ Meet world’s smartest touchscreen keyboard Andro. ╫ SwiftKey 3 understands how words work toger, giv much more accurate corrections and predictions than or keyboards. Very sloppy typ will magily make sense, even if you miss spaces, and SwiftKey 3 also predicts next words. ╫ * Upgrad from SwiftKey X, you may experience trouble with apostrophes or accent characters predictions. T is beuse you need to update language models. To do t, go to Setngs, Languages & lays, press menu and tap "update languages". When "update" ears next to language(s), press it. When you return to keyboard ths should be work properly. * ╫ SwiftKey 3 learns words and phrases you use, and how you teract with keyboard as you use it, to make typ easier and even more accurate over time. You n also persolize it us Gmail, Facebook, Twitter or blog posts. ╫ SwiftKey is among Andro's best sell s a reason -- it transms keyboard, mak typ a breeze and v you hassle every day. ╫ Here’s what’s new: ╫ * Smart Space – add to SwiftKey’s already cng edge correction, Smart Space detects mistyp or omitt spaces across strs of sloppily typ words real-time. ╫ * Two new mes – a new me, ‘Cobalt’, to match SwiftKey’s new look and feel, and an Ice Cream ndwich-styl ‘Holo’ me, as vot by SwiftKey’s VIP community. ╫ * An enhanc UI – a much larger space bar and smart punctuation key help improve accuracy and make it quick and easy to access common punctuation. Just tap and slide left on period exclamation pot, or tap and slide right question mark. No need to long-press. ╫ * Additiol languages – SwiftKey 3 now offers support an additiol seven languages, total up to 42. new languages are Korean, Estonian, Farsi, Icelandic, Latvian, Lithuanian and Serbian. And of course, you n still eble up to three at once. ╫ FULL LANGUAGE SUPPORT: ╫ English (US) ╫ English (UK) ╫ Afrikaans ╫ Arabic ╫ Basque ╫ Bulgarian ╫ talan ╫ Croatian ╫ Czech ╫ Danish ╫ Dch ╫ Estonian ╫ French () ╫ French (FR) ╫ Fnish ╫ Galician ╫ German ╫ Greek ╫ Hebrew ╫ Hungarian ╫ Icelandic ╫ donesian ╫ Italian ╫ Kazakh ╫ Korean ╫ Latvian ╫ Lithuanian ╫ Norgian ╫ Persian (Farsi) ╫ Polish ╫ Portuguese (BR) ╫ Portuguese (PT) ╫ Romanian ╫ Russian ╫ Serbian ╫ Spanish (ES) ╫ Spanish (US) ╫ Slovak ╫ Slovenian ╫ Sdish ╫ Turkish ╫ Ukraian ╫ Support QRTY, QRTZ, QZERTY, AZERTY, DVORAK, COLEMAK, Arabic, Bulgarian, Greek, Hebrew, Korean, Persian (Farsi), Russian and Ukraian lays. ╫ ~~~ ╫ See our FAQ, support and ideas um at http://support.swiftkey.net/ ╫ take privacy very seriously. T does not learn from password fields and all language data learn on device is stor on SD rd and never transferr. ╫ ternet connection permission is requir to stall t , so that language module files and cloud persolization data n be download. ╫ Use of t is subject to our robust privacy policy, which is re to protect rights and privacy. Read it full at http://www.swiftkey.net/privacy ╫ ~~~ ╫ Known issues ╫ Below are a list of issues which are aware of and are work on to resolve: ╫ * Problems with cursor jump and/or dippear Chrome browser beta. ╫ * Crowd language t on space bar pop-up when switch beten mulple language lays. ╫ * some language lays, ocsiolly secondary characters on ke temporarily dippear. ╫ Wha t version: ╫ 3.0.3: Fix some ce close issues ╫ New SwiftKey 3: ╫ * Smart Space - fixes typos even if you miss spaces as you type ╫ * New look - two beaiful new mes keyboard ╫ * Easier lay - larger space bar, quick punctuation key and or taks ╫ * New languages - seven new languages our tertiol friends ╫ * Improv prediction - words you want, more of time ╫ structions: ╫ If you already have a previous version stall back up i data us Titanium Backup n delete it bee stall t version. Fally, restore data us Titanium. ╫ Persolly prefer Touchpal (free), b if you like t and it works, please support devs as it is currently on le at $0.75 (69p). ╫


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