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Written By Samantha D Baron on Sunday, September 30, 2012 | 12:00 PM

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Spirit FM Unlock vSep24 ╫ : Andro 2.1+ ╫ Overview: Spirit FM Unlock is a real, tun, "over air" FM radio with RDS (song fo etc.) and or advanc features. It is NOT a stream that requires expensive data service. ╫ ╫ Spirit FM Radio Unlock is a real, tun, "over air" FM radio with RDS (song fo etc. and or advanc features. It is NOT a stream that requires expensive data service. ╫ Spirit was itially targett at custom ROMs such as CyanogenMod, on which FM availability is limit. ╫ If you don't know what a "ROM" is, n phone is likely "Stock" and un-root. ╫ Support stock, un-root devices is now present, b limit, and various bugs are be work on. ╫ If stock phone has a work, stock FM you are hy with, n Spirit may be of little use to you at present. ╫ If stock phone does not have a work, stock FM , n FM is likely impossible, except Bionic, Dro 2 & 3, Defy. ╫ Some phones will never work and nobody n make m work beuse hardware is dibl. T cludes Atrix, Nexus S, US Galaxy S2's, Galaxy Tab, Dro (1/Milestone, P999 G2x, Galaxy Spi. ╫ I understand prices may seem high, b t is a niche . Price experiments y higher prices will keep t alive & improv. ╫ How many or "Real FM" s are on Market ? Two: 1 Galaxy S and one repackag Motorola . ╫ Why ? I extremely difficult. Google does not support FM s. y and rriers seem to dislike free "Over Air" FM. ╫ Light & Unlock clude: ╫ - Lifeme techni support as many devices as you own & questions you have. ╫ - Stereo, Mono & altertive setngs. ╫ - Me & Speaker support. ╫ - 6 meable presets. ╫ - Status Bar & Notifition wdow. ╫ - Sleep function, Test functions, Email Logs, UI setngs & RSSI graphic. ╫ - And many more Light & Unlock exclusive features to come ! ╫ Unlock adds: ╫ - Enhanc techni support and attenon to feature requests. ╫ - RDS song fo etc: RT, PS, PTY, PI & AF (Radiot, Program Service, Type, & Alterte Frequency. ╫ - Unlimit Preset lists & meable presets. ╫ - Landspe mode, c or aomatic. ╫ - Media bton & CM lockscreen support me, volume & frequency. ╫ - All UI setngs, clud anten & station . ╫ - And many more Unlock exclusive features to come ! ╫ T is not a throwaway you play a few da. How many hours will you spend listen to FM next 20+ years ? ╫ How much n you ve on data plans by listen to free, over air radio versus stream ? ╫ Spirit is not a one time purchase. I ongo techni assistance, fixes, new device support & features. ╫ I'm one developer and Spirit is my and come. I'm try to do a job Google id y couldn't lack of developer resources. ╫ support will help keep Spirit FM alive and improv. ╫ Thanks ! ╫ Mike. ╫ Wha t version: ╫ Wha t version: ╫ - CM9/10/AOSP support AT&T/HTC OneXL, OneS, Evo 4G LTE. ╫ - Galaxy S/S2/S3/Note audio & FM driver updates. ╫ - HTC OneX support. ╫ - Support preset me Notifition wdow, next to frequency. ╫ - New Audio->Method's "qsd8250 Plus/ICS", "msm7x30 AscendII", "ZTE Blade2". ╫ - Support preset me Notifition wdow, next to frequency. ╫ - RDS PS & RT Notifitions Screen. Setngs -> Notifition Display. ╫ - RDS st European characters. ╫


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