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Written By Samantha D Baron on Wednesday, September 26, 2012 | 9:00 PM

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BXLBZ.jpg ╫ I LOVE Jelly Bean / Ice Cream ndwich look, b re re some ths i didn't like and some ths I thought I could improve. That is what t me is all ab. Tak JB & ICS to anor level! ╫ WHATS CLUD: ╫ Custom, Origal Design Work ╫ Custom Wallpaper ╫ 1000 Custom Images!! ╫ WHATS REQUIR: ╫ ROOT is need and a custom ROM that supports me Enge ╫ T me will work follow ROM's: ╫ CM9 ╫ CM10 ╫ AOKP ICS ╫ AOKP JB ╫ T me is design mdpi, hdpi, and xhdpi devices ╫ HOW TO USE WITH ME CHOOSER: ╫ Download me ╫ Go to Setngs -> mes ╫ Select JB Extreme and press ly ╫ Ignore that and press ly anyway ╫ A mesge will display y StemUI has crash, press OK ╫ StemUI will restore after ab 5-10 seconds and me will be lied ╫ If you com from anor me, you may need to reboot ╫ lock screen and some stem dialogs nnot be m T-Mobile me Enge, ree y will rema unchang ╫ Features: ╫ Most all popup menus (Light and Dark) ╫ Switches are angl on JB Devices (like ICS) ╫ Por control and genie widget have semi trans background ╫ Nova Folder backgrounds (platm, circle) ╫ All icons on pull down to blue ╫ All vigation btons ╫ Add some blue accents on pull down menu borders ╫ Chang "work" circle ╫ Bottom menu background ╫ Battery with and with percentages ╫ Cellular and Wifi Sigls ╫ Animat notifition icons Gmail and Gtalk ╫ Status bar close bar ╫ Notifition background on pull down ╫ All AOKP/CM toggle icons ╫ SMS/MMS Notifition icons ╫ Phone/Dialer Images ╫ MDPI support tablets and phones with tablet UI ╫ Support sw600dp and sw720dp (mdpi/hdpi/xhdpi) ╫ All Setngs icons (CM/AOKP/Stock) ╫ Stock keyboard ╫ Alog clock/desk clock ╫ Market notifition icons ╫ Complete lockscreen handle icons (aokp ) ╫ On/off btons under aokp toggles on pull down ╫ Google now notifition icons (traffic, sports, etc) ╫ Google search widget ╫ Google now misc icons/images ╫ Skn & Black Gmail/Email & Widgets ╫ 60 icons ╫ Wha t version : (Updat : Sep 24, 2012) ╫ itial Release ╫ Requir Andro O/S : 2.1+ ╫ play ╫

https://play.google.com/store/s/d...cmVtZS5yZWQiXQ.. ╫ Download: ╫ http://www.directmirror.com/files/H7ZLJGAS

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