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Written By Samantha D Baron on Tuesday, September 18, 2012 | 2:00 AM

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tch Notes v5.0.1 ╫ Requirement: Andro 1.6 or higher ╫ Overview: Turn Ideas to Action with simple mobile collaboration. ╫ ╫ Turn Ideas to Action with simple mobile collaboration.tch Notes is a free note tak design to make sure you never miss an idea. It lets you pture ideas and discoveries across all devices and when you're ready, turn ideas to action with friends and colleagues us simple, mobile collaboration. ╫ NEVER MISS AN IDEA ╫ - NEW! pture ideas stantly with tch pture wheel. ╫ - Create voice, photo, and t notes, onle AND offle ╫ - NEW! Track private tasks with checklists and... ╫ - NEW! Share checklists to collaborate on to-do lists ╫ - Set remders so you never miss someth important ╫ - Use email to send b content to notes@tch.com ╫ FD AND VE ALL DISCOVERIES ╫ - ideas to persol spaces as y develop ╫ - Use #tags to label and fd notes easily ╫ - Aomatily backup notes free across all of mobile devices and on b ╫ - Protect notes with a 4-digit P ╫ TAKE ACTION WITH LIGHTIGHT MOBILE COLLABORATION ╫ - Create shar spaces secure, selective collaboration beten friends and colleagues ╫ - Use tch to collaborate with checklists, notes and documents ╫ - Everyth you create toger is aomatily back up securely across everyone's mobile devices and at tch.com ╫ LEARN MORE ╫ tch blog: https://tch.com/blog ╫ Facebook: http://facebook.com/tch ╫ Twitter: http://twitter.com/tch ╫ Yube: http://yube.com/tch ╫ * Upgrade to tch Pro to attach PDF/Office files, to create up to 10 spaces and upload up to 1GB of new content each month or to tch Premier up to 50 spaces and 5GB of new monthly content. ╫ * Recommend by: TechCrunch: "10 s All New Andro Users Should Check ", O’Reilly Media: "Best Andro s, Guide Discrimat Downloaders”, PCWorld: "10 Hot Honeycomb s Busess" and Datamation: "50 Must-Have Andro s". ╫ * Note that ‘Read contact data’ permission is re so you n easily pick email addresses from exist Contacts list when vit people to share spaces. ╫ Wha t version: ╫ * Checklists are here! Keep list private or use it to collaborate. ╫ * Add notes to tch with a sle touch of thumb us new pture wheel. ╫ * Mage shar spaces with visual notifitions that alert you when someth has chang. ╫ * Easily tell spaces apart with new color cod. ╫ * Use lotion tagg to remember important places, now with improv place mes. ╫ * tch 5 is an update smartphones and small tablets currently. ╫ More fo ╫


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