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Written By Samantha D Baron on Friday, August 31, 2012 | 9:00 PM

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Zombies, Run! v1.1 ╫ : Andro 2.2 and up ╫ Overview: Zombies, Run! is an ultra-immersive runn and audio adventure ╫ ╫ You tie shoes, p on headphones, take first steps side. You’ve barely cover 100 yards when you hear m. y must be close. You n hear every gtural breath, every rattl groan - y’re everywhere. Zombies. re’s one th you n do: Run! ╫ Zombies, Run! is an ultra-immersive runn and audio adventure, co-creat with award-wn novelist omi Alderman. deliver story straight to headphones through orders and voice records - and when you get back home, you use supplies you’ve while runn to build and grow base. ╫ BBC NEWS - “ way to ve self is to run real.” ╫ WIR - “ style of Runkeeper, with an excit undead twist.” ╫ LIFEHACKER - “A really cool way to get side and exercise.” ╫ CNN - “Turns exercise to a - a terrify, terrify .” ╫ NPR - "It gets you mov!" ╫ TIME.COM - "Takes all fun of a zombie and funnels it to a fitness ." ╫ WHAT PLAYERS Y: ╫ “Evad all zombie mobs :-) One of my best sprts ever; t works!” ╫ “T will make you sat. Perfect junction beten design and run tracker.” ╫ “Just tried @zombiesrun and first time my life I feel truly alive.” ╫ WALK, JOG, OR RUN ANYWHERE ╫ Zombies, Run! works anywhere and at any speed. You n jog a park, run along a beach, or walk along a trail. ╫ YOU ARE RUNNER 5 ╫ Hundreds of lives are counng on you. You've got to rebuild base from a few shiver survivors to a fied beacon of civilization by criti supplies and avoid rov zombie hordes. n you ve m and learn trh ab zombie apoypse? ╫ A WORLD OF STORIES ╫ With 30 missions and over 40 runs worth of play, you become hero an epic story of humanity’s struggle survival where runn *really* matters - and re’s a deeper mtery to be uncover as ll... ╫ OWN MIX ╫ Choose own custom playlists bee you start runn: story unfolds beten tracks through a series of dymic radio mesges and voice records. ╫ TERVAL TRA - WITH ZOMBIES ╫ With our optiol ‘Zombie Chases’ mode, you’ll need to crease speed and work up a sat if you hear zombies on tail. That’s right - ’ve made terval tra *fun*! ╫ VIEW RUNS ONLE WITH ZOMBIELK ╫ Register with our free ZombieLk service to view and share runs onle, complete with maps (com very soon), full run tory, and ability to ‘play back’ zombie chases so you n see how much faster you ran when liv dead re right behd you! ╫ KEEP SURVIVORS ALIVE ╫ You aomatily items like medice, batteries, and ammo while runn - b when you're back home, who needs m more: soldiers or doctors? Which builds need extra defenses? It’s up to you - and bigger base, more missions you n play. ╫ NOTES ╫ - Version 0.9 comes with 23 missions, with 7 supply missions to be releas an upcom update ╫ - Requires Andro 2.2 or above ╫ - Connu use of GPS runn background n dramatily decrease battery life. ╫ COM SOON ╫ - Codex ╫ - Playlist shuffle ╫ - Run logs on device ╫ - GPS map view on ZombieLk ╫ - Improv permance ╫ - Better sound ╫ - Radio transmissions ╫ - Yet more missions! ╫ Wha t version: ╫ New: ╫ - Seven supply missions that you n play aga and aga ╫ - Review runs - on missions screen, choose "Run Logs" from menu ╫ Fix: ╫ - Several bugs and crashes fix, clud Jelly Bean TTS bug, and "no more radio" crash ╫ Note: If you update from v0.93 - no need to download sd files, i me ╫ /> ╫

https://play.google.com/store/s/d...art.zombiesrun ╫ Download: ╫ http://ul.to/k33qljhttp://rapidgator.net/file/38219451/...a.com.apk.htmlhttp://www.rapidfileshare.net/9kpzs4...a.com.apk.htmlhttp://www.directmirror.com/files/9Z341BU1 ╫ SD files: (sdrd/Andro/obb) ╫ http://ul.to/s0xrqcj7http://rapidgator.net/file/38215215/...esrun.rar.htmlhttp://www.rapidfileshare.net/n9logh...esrun.rar.html

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