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Written By Samantha D Baron on Wednesday, August 22, 2012 | 9:00 PM

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Diagnosis – Stem mation v0.8.2 ╫ : Andro: 2.2 and up ╫ Overview: Know what Andro does behd scenes! ╫ Ever wonder what Andro is currently do? ╫ * On Wdows n open task mager and get all mation want. ╫ * On Andro it will suspend are currently us, b what if want mation ab that . ╫ ╫ [break] ╫ What if want to know if an is currently download or upload someth? How much cpu is t us? ╫ * Is t runn of memory? ╫ * Is battery getng too hot ? ╫ * What s are runn background, at t moment? ╫ * D anor just start and use lag? ╫ * Why doesnt t tell me how much battery i have left? ╫ * Loos track of time while gam? ╫ ~~~| Know what Andro is do! |~~~ ╫ Diagnosis n display stem mation at all times, even while us or s. ╫ When Diagnosis is turn on, small customizeable t is shown on screen giv you mation of choice. ╫ re are various mations to choose from: ╫ - Cpu use, Memory, active , cpu speed ╫ - Date, Time ╫ - battery, voltage, temperature ╫ - Network traffic (Upload per second, Download per second) ╫ - me of litions us >40% or 70% cpu ╫ - And more... ╫ Currently a total of 33 more general mation items, plus anor 33 items pro version, that are display very specific mation. ╫ If desir you n have record mation v a database later access and statisti data as network traffic, avg cpu use etc. ╫ ~|I free and has no adds, so just give it a try.|~ ╫ re is a more extensive help file clud (see setngs>ab). ╫ I also respond fairly fast to emails, so just write me one if you have troubles or questions! ╫ I have had some questions ab request permissions, i have noth to hide, so let me expla m: ╫ * "Storage", so i n write database to sdrd stead of clogg up terl memory ╫ * "Stem tools", is need to show mation ontop of screen and keep display on when load data ╫ * "ternet", is need to send (anonymous) bug reports and display network latency(P) ╫ * "Network state", to be able to get cell sigl strength mation ╫ * "Wifi state", to get wifi sigl strength,me and ip mation ╫ * "Receive boot complet", is need option to aomaticly start Diagnosis on boot ╫ Let me add some keywords to help people search: ╫ dark3n,darken,stem tool,stem mation,diagnostic tool,overlay,upload,download,diskstats,cpu use,memory use,cpu speed,runn s,taskvier,stemfo,onscreen fo,stem statistics,battery stats,battery,temperature,voltage ╫ /> ╫

https://play.google.com/store/s/d...rken.diagnosisDownload structions:http://www.filecloud.ws/m9jr9r1xsxighttp://mir.cr/0JAUXFXV

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