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Written By Samantha D Baron on Tuesday, August 28, 2012 | 9:00 PM

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Advanc Task Killer v1.9.7B92 ╫ : Andro 1.6 or higher ╫ Overview: ATK is pretty simple. Open t tool and take a look at runn litions list? Uncheck some s you don't want to kill (such as Advanc Task Killer and some stem s) Tap bton 'Kill select s', it will kill all litions check. ╫ ╫ 2. How to use it ( new users to do more)? ╫ If you don't want to kill any , you n tap it on runn litions list. n i check box will turn to gray. ╫ 3. Why re are runn that I haven't us or even open? ╫ Some will start up once you turn on phone or be vok by some evens. ╫ 4. What is ignore list/ignore? ╫ Ignore list is you to ignore some you don't want to kill. If you long press on list on ma screen of ATK, menu will pop up, n you n select 'Ignore', lition would be mov to ignore list. When you tap 'Kill select s', it won't be kill any more. ╫ 5. What is default action long press? ╫ You n set default action long press and click on setngs. stem default action long press is pop-menu. That means you when you long press on lition(displa on runn litions list), a pop-menu would shows up. example, if you want to switch to lition after you long press on it, you n set default action of long press to 'Switch to'. ╫ 6. Why I lost my network connection after I tap 'kill select s'? ╫ T is beuse some s relat with network connection are kill. Such as 'voicemail'. You n ignore it stead of kill it. ╫ 7. Why my Home reload? ╫ T is beuse some s relat with Home are kill. Such as 'HTC Sense', 'Mail'(if it is tegrat with Home). You n ignore it stead of kill it. ╫ 8. Why I nnot receive notifition of Email? ╫ T is beuse you kill 'Email'. stead of kill it, you need to ignore it. ╫ 9. What is Ao Kill? ╫ If you want to kill s aomatily you need to choose one of ao-kill level ╫ /> ╫ Download structions:http://www.directmirror.com/files/NFO6NOWYhttp://depositfiles.com/files/ekz7d8ija
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